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Pure Gold takes vocal harmony to a new level and accompanies it with tightly orchestrated musical crescendos.  Each member brings a wealth of experience and a unique style to the band.  The group’s five gifted vocalists, Ron Crawley, Frank Czuri (August 1985 - November 2010), Susan DeLuca, Sidney Hill and Tony Impavido share leads and background harmony. Versatile and multitalented musicians, Don Garvin on lead guitar; Nick Gimiliano on percussion, Tony Impavido on bass and Larry Siefers on keyboard, sax, flute and harmonica round out the sound and add supporting vocals to the mix.

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Jimmie Ross - Baritone Tenor/Lead Vocals
Ron Crawley - Baritone Tenor/Lead Vocals
Susan DeLuca - Alto/Lead Vocals
Sidney Hill - Bass Baritone/Lead Vocals
Don Garvin - Guitar/Vocals
Nick Gimiliano - Drums/Percussion
Larry Siefers - Keyboard/Saxophone/Harmonica/Flute
Tony Impavido - Bass Guitar/Baritone Tenor/Lead Vocals