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Sidney Hill
Bass Baritone/Lead Vocals 

Sidney Hill hails from the Homewood section of Pittsburgh, where he attended George Westinghouse High School. At Westinghouse, his singing career began as a bass singer in the school choir and in the Octet, a select group of performers hand-picked by the choir instructor.

Upon high school graduation in 1966, during a stint in the U.S. Air Force, Hill sang lead bass and baritone in a Gospel group named The Marcels, after its leader and founder, Marcel Coates. The ensemble performed in England and Germany, winning talent contests, which led to an all-expenses-paid trip to Edwards Air Force Base in California to perform in the All Air Force Talent Contest.

After the service, Hill rehearsed with several different groups from 1970 to 1977, most of whom didn’t go beyond the rehearsal stage. The one exception was a group named The Clyde Davis Trio, a contemporary band consisting of Clyde on guitar, a drummer, a keyboard player, a female vocalist and Sidney.

In 1978, Hill’s most successful venture was born. With Ron Crawley, Susan DeLuca, Sheldon Miller and Mark Piscitelli he formed Acappella Gold, a name coined by the group’s manager, Henry DeLuca. After three years with Acappella Gold, Sidney left the group briefly. During his absence the a cappella group evolved to Pure Gold, after hiring musicians to make the package more marketable.

After a year and a half, Hill rejoined his friends in Pure Gold. He’s been with them ever since, sharing leads and sharing his rich, resonant bass voice and his charming smile, winning fans wherever he performs.