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Tony Impavido
Bass Guitar, Baritone Tenor/Lead Vocals

Tony Impavido’s musical interest started all the way back in his kindergarten days, singing the latest songs to his teacher and classmates.  At age 10, he idolized his older brother, Frank, who played in a local band.  Having a set of drums in the house, Tony became interested and took up playing also.  Soon to follow, Tony’s sister, Elaine, bought him a guitar and he stared taking lessons.  His guitar instructor prompted Tony to switch over to the bass.  With local bands springing up in almost every neighborhood, there were several opportunities for a singer/ bass player.  Soul, pop, and Rock N Roll were the styles that interested him the most and had plenty of venues to perform.  By age 13, Tony was already performing professionally.  Since that time he has performed nationally and internationally with may famous artists, worked at times as an audio technician, and raised a family.