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Larry Siefers
Keyboards, Saxophone, Harmonica, Flute 

Larry Siefers has come a long way from his early days of playing the clarinet in the North Allegheny High School marching band.  After studying Electrical Engineering at Lehigh University, the Pittsburgh native transferred to Point Park College where he pursued a Business Management degree and joined the local rock band, Loft. 

After a year long stint playing in the club band, Friends, Siefers went on to play and record with the bands Seneca Trail, High Roller and Norm Nardini.  Siefers was afforded the opportunity to record with the Skyliners on the Billboard charted single, “Where Have They Gone,” scored a top 40 single, “Dancin’ Man,” with the band Q and played on Lou Christie’s single “Streakin’” and Pete Hewlett’s single, “Dancing in the Street.” 

Throughout his musical career, Siefers hit the road with traveling showbands The Rocco Sisters and Micky Lynn Jones.  From 1980 to 1988, he played with club band Risque and recorded the single “Rainy Day.”  In 1991, he linked up with Pure Gold and has supported the band on keyboards, saxophone, harmonica, flute and clarinet ever since. 

In addition to Pure Gold, Siefers remains active with local bands including The Professionals, Glen Pavone and the Cyclones, Jill West and Blues Attack, Erin Burkett and the Mean Reds, Shari Richards, The Pittsburgh Women of the Blues, Gary Belloma and the Blue Bombers and Steppin' Out.

He has played on local recordings like "Code Blue" by Jill West; "Erin Burkett" by Erin Burkett, "The Legendary Jackie Graham" by Mike Sweeney; "Gene's Blues - Live", "Blue Note - Live", and "HooDoo Drugstore" by Mike Sweeney.

Throughout his Pure Gold experience, Siefers has performed on the PBS productions “DooWop 50", "DooWop 51," "More Soul Baby," "This Land is Your Land," "Red, White and Rock," and "Rhythm, Love and Soul."  He also played the popular “Roots of Rock & Roll" shows at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh and performed at the Jerry Blavit - Geeter with the Heater shows at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.