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Hear the sweet sounds from selected Pure Gold albums and musical highlights from performances such as “Doo Wop 50” and “Rock, Rhythm & Doo Wop.”

Roots of Rock n' Roll Volume XXX

Pure Gold's two tracks from Let's Dance Usa Volume 2 compilation

Kudos to Pure Gold

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  • Charlie Apple has led his loyal “Apple Corps.” through decades of fond musical memories.  His current show is on WLSW Music Power 104 from noon-6pm.
    Pittsburgh oldies fans enjoy the self-proclaimed “Oldest Rock of them All,” our beloved Jeff Allen,  who spins on WLSW Music Power 104 from 6am-noon on Saturdays.

    “Pork the Tork,” “The Daddio of the Radio,” “Your Platter-Pushin’ Papa”…these are just a few of the names the notorious Porky Chedwick is known by, in Pittsburgh and around the world. He is an icon & a legend, known for being the first in the country to break many national hits. Here is what he had to say about one of his favorite groups, Pure Gold: “This is Porky Chedwick, the ‘Blonde Wonder’, the ‘Record Thunder’, the ‘Golden Ear’, telling you that the very talented Pure Gold will always greatly appear. They are the best in Doo Wop, the best in acappella, the best in harmony, the best in individuality, the best in all ranges. I know and everyone in the world knows that Pure Gold is America’s group. Dr. Spin has unending Pure Gold love within!”

    Listen to what Porky has to say about Pure Gold in these two audio clips: Praise, Salute.


    Little Walter has a nationally-syndicated show originating out of Boston.
    Jerry Blavat is a legendary Philadelphia DJ, who broke many many hits when they were originally released.
    Pittsburghers will remember Bob Shannon as Don Bombard. He’s New York’s flagship WCBS-FM’s afternoon drive DJ and author of Behind The Hits.
    Pittsburghers know R.D. Summers from 3WS - FM 94.5.
    Eddie Holman gives a shout-out to Pure Gold.
    Margaret Ross Williams of The Cookies.