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Pure Gold Live on Stage at The Oaks Theater
310 Allegheny River Blvd
Oakmont, PA 15139 US

7:30 PM
Join us for a night of amazing music!

The group’s original members, Ron Crawley, Susan DeLuca and Sidney Hill, began in 1978 as Acappella Gold, along with Mark Piscitelli and Sheldon Miller, who were with the group for a brief period. They performed 45 acappella tunes a night in sold-out performances. After several years their manager, Henry DeLuca (who named them Acappella Gold) decided they would be even more marketable if they added musicians. Pure Gold was formed. Ron, Susan and Sid were joined vocally by Lou Cosentino and Bob Peckman. The Pure Gold has had several minor changes over the years. Today, it consists of guitarist Don Garvin, who has been with the group since the transition to instrumentation; Larry Siefers, who joined during PG’s early days, playing keyboard, sax, harmonica and flute; drummer Nick Gimiliano; and Tony Impavido, the most recently acquired musician–in October of 2001–bass player and vocalist. Over two years ago, Jimmie Ross replaced singer Frank Czuri when he left the group.

Table Seats $27
Auditorium Middle $22
Auditorium Left/right $20

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